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Port Clock Tower (Torre-rellotge del puerto de Tarragona)

On the breakwater that separates the yachts harbor(Marina) from the sea, against the background of the day see the silhouette of a harbour clock tower (Torre-rellotge del puerto de Tarragona map).

Tarragona. The promenade Moll de la Costa. Tarragona

the Tower was built in 1922 on the initiative of the trade Union of port workers, with the financial support of commercial companies involved in the operation of the port. The clock mechanism was purchased by the port authority. The project was designed by engineer Francisco de Membrillera (Francisco G. Membrillera), the construction has a square base with a width of 3.7 meters and a height of 12 meters. The tower is crowned by an openwork metal belfry with bells and a weather vane. It also installed a small weather station including a rain gauge and an anemometer (measuring wind speed). Glass dials, facing the sea, covered with copper plating to the crews of vessels coming into port, did not accept glare on glasses for the beacon signals.

Tarragona. Port clock tower. Torre-rellotge del puerto de Tarragona

Returning from a quarter of Serlo, came closer to the tower. In the Central column is visible thermometer weather station.

Tarragona. Port clock tower. Torre-rellotge del puerto de Tarragona